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About Us

About John Harricharan

Outstanding businessman, lecturer and award-winning, best-selling author, John Harricharan, is a unique blend of East and West. Coupled with his professional background is a rare sensitivity and charisma, which have earned him well deserved respect and acclaim.

However, he was to know failure as well as success. The events that led to both are incorporated in his lectures and are chronicled in his books, which, rather than being stories of loss and sadness are, instead, inspiring tales of courage, strength and the dignity of the human spirit. He has shared the lecture platform with such well-known speakers as Deepak Chopra, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Og Mandino, Gerald Jampolsky, Foster Hibbard, Eric Butterworth, C. Everett Koop and others.

His transformational message stems from his challenging personal growth experiences. As Harricharan says, "I know what it feels like to have my car repossessed and my house foreclosed; to watch my wife die of cancer; to lose all earthly possessions and start again from ground zero. I also know what it feels like to write an award-winning book, to be written about in others' books and to be featured in the same book with His Royal Highness, Prince Philip of Great Britain, the Dalai Lama and Sir Paul McCartney. The contrasts bring compassion and sensitivity to one's life."

Bright, well-educated and professional in demeanor, John brings a welcome, pragmatic approach to his lectures and consultations, as an outstanding example where the message and the messenger are one. Not only does he share his personal tragedies; he shares the extraordinary tools he uses to overcome his challenges. He meets his audience filled with energy and enthusiasm. His approach is inspirational and motivational, contagiously so and always, always memorable.

Not only is Harricharan a dynamic speaker, but he also reveals himself to be an extraordinary, compelling author. His award-winning book, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat was named 'Best Book of the Year' by the American Bookdealers Exchange. Its sequel, Morning Has Been All Night Coming has drawn rave reviews. The third in the trilogy, Journey in the Fields of Forever, together with the previous two, serve as roadmaps for those who encounter great difficulties on life's pathways. His most recent creation, the ground-breaking PowerPause--3 minutes, 3 steps to Personal Success and Real Happiness, has changed the lives of thousands.

John Harricharan's books have been published worldwide by such publishers as Berkley Books, HarperCollins, Ediciones Luciernaga, Editora Pensamento and others. They are also available in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese editions.

Harricharan graduated summa cum laude, with degrees in chemistry and an MBA from Rutgers University. He started his career with Fortune 500 corporations and worked his way into upper level executive positions. His corporate expertise encompasses areas as varied as Production Management, Research and Development and Marketing. He then proceeded, by blending his knowledge of the corporate world with his entrepreneurial talents, to build an extremely successful business with offices in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and India. He finally switched from corporate life into what he really loves to do. So now he travels extensively, speaking at seminars and consulting for corporations, organizations and a private clientele worldwide. His extensive experience coupled with his pragmatic, mystical knowledge afford him the ability to relate to others with respect and integrity.

The Dream
John Harricharan's great dream is to provide a place, like EnterprisingSpirit.com, where members could find practical and useful information to help them succeed in business and in life. He knows how complicated life could be at times so he has dedicated his life, talents and other resources to bring simplicity, success and joy into the lives of others.

About Anita Bergen

Anita Bergen takes joy in creating and editing books of all kinds, especially those that explore and express the spirituality in everyday life. Her best works are her quotation anthologies, which include, Pause and Reflect and Life and Other Options.

In addition to her talents in the written word, she is also a prize-winning artist and the former Vice President of Silvertech Industries, Inc. She has addressed numerous groups in locations such as Barcelona, Paris and London and remains an avid world traveler.

She continues writing and editing from her home in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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